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Decorator Membership

2013 Decorator Membership

Price: $99.00/mo.

Price may vary based on tax and shipping.

The Benefits of ASI Decorator Membership

By becoming an ASI member, you gain a distinct advantage over competitors, providing you with exclusive benefits and access to 25,000 distributor members looking for your services. When you join, you’ll be given your own unique ASI number – the number that matters! This will let you be identified as a trustworthy industry professional and gives you access to the incredible benefits below.

Award-Winning Research, member directories, magazines and education

  • FREE access to ASI FastFind® – the semi-annual digital directory containing all ASI distributor member contact information.
  • FREE subscription to Wearables magazine – the voice and vision of the commercial apparel decorating industry.
  • FREE access to ESP Buyers Guide® – the go-to digital reference tool with contact info for every ASI Supplier member.
  • FREE access to ASI’s online learning center – get expert advice while earning credits toward your BASI™/MASI™ certification.

Maximum Exposure

  • FREE listing on Counselor® PromoGram®, Wearables™ Style and Advantages® Hot Deals e-newsletters – total audience: 112,000 industry professionals.
  • FREE advertising credit of $500.
  • FREE listing of up to 500 products on the ESP Database with a 5-digit Supplier ASI number.
  • Get an opportunity to exhibit at one of ASI’s industry-leading tradeshows.

Customer Testimonials

"My business is small, customized for the people and companies that I do business with, but because I have ASI membership, I have all of the benefits that the larger companies do. Therefore, I can offer more to my customers."

-Barbara Miller. asi/7000878

"Joining ASI has connected us with suppliers and distributors who need our screen printing and embroidery services. Our decorator membership generates new business and increased sales."

-Andy Shuman. asi/734150

"In 2001, we were a $120,000 company. We joined ASI in 2004, and became a $2.4 million company in 3 years! Our membership gave us 25,000 OPPORTUNITIES (suppliers and distributors), different avenues of business; decorating, embroidery digitizing, and ESP Online software. Long live Advertising Specialty Institute!"

-C J MARCUS. asi/726700

"A school asked us to get them seat cushions and we were unable to find any cushions we liked for the right price. We found out that an ASI membership enables you to buy promotional products at prices we can resell at a profit. We immediately signed up, and were happy to find the huge array of cushions at a very cheap price. We were able to triple our revenue!"

-Kim French. asi/309088

"I just joined ASI and my first sale made me 3 times my membership. I have been in the commercial embroidery business since 1992 and selling embroidery was never this easy."

-Vanessa Harris. asi/309028