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Pay For Placement

2013 Pay For Placement

Most major search engines carry paid placement listings guaranteeing advertisers a high ranking, usually in relation to desired words.

These paid listings are usually separate from other results and highlighted to show that they are ads. ESP Websites have now adopted that same successful idea and are pleased to offer paid locations in the top 4 spots in any keyword. Place your products in spots above the competition on ESP Websites with pay for placement.

Price: $135.00/1000 impressions/mo.

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ESP Websites Pay For Placement

Pay For Placement
  • An easy and fast way to secure the top search results positioning
  • Your products instantly go to the top spot
  • An inexpensive and fast way to grow your business
  • Reach an audience that is looking to buy your products

Customer Testimonials

"We have been a member of ASI since 1979. One of the top ways we have found to let endbuyers find our products is by promoting them on the ESP Websites Network. The ESP Websites Network allows us to harness the power of over 9000 distributor websites in the promotion of our products."

-Annie B. asi/37700

"Tagmaster is proud to be a supplier with over 450 products listed, searched, and bought every day on ESP Websites. the shopping engine is ingenious! Great Job!"

-Michelle M. asi/48500


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