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ESP® Product Video

Why should you be using videos to promote your business, services or products? People remember only 10% of what they see, and only 20% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see AND hear.

By presenting your products in both mediums with an ESP video, a much stronger and memorable message will be delivered to your potential or existing customer base.

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ESP Video Advertising

Pay for Placement
  • Reach 27,000 active qualified distributors searching ESP.
  • Be Seen As A Leader – When you create a video, you are automatically seen as an expert in your field giving extra credibility to your business.
  • Educate Your Viewers – It is easier for your customers to watch a simple sales or product video than to read a manual.
  • Create Trust – With video, you have the opportunity to let customers see your face rather than your company. Using video the owner is able to convey his trustworthiness, sincerity, excitement, and enthusiasm.
  • Get Your Message Viewed – Video is a quick and easy medium to watch. No one can explain your products or services better than you.

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for the stats I'm pleased with the activity. The ESP advertising is an excellent fit because it's measureable and generates activity for our product line."

-Linda B. asi/70130

"I was doing a Centerstage presentation for a customer yesterday and I saw the Chemical Light ad on the side of the page. I had never used Chemical Light before or thought of suggesting them for a unique trade show item. The ad struck my interest and I looked at it and suggested it to my client. They LOVED the idea and will be placing a necklace order for 2500 pieces. Thought you might be interested in the power of the side ads on ESP. Thanks to ASI and all you do make us look GOOD."

-Andi W. asi/101592

"We are so excited to begin advertising our hats and specials in ESP. We've always felt that ESP is a great way to get product exposure and orders, and now we'll be able to build on that with targeted marketing campaigns!"

-Jennifer L. asi/75350
Advertising Location and Upload Video

Who knows how to sell your products better than you? Educate, sell and lead distributors to your products through a video presentation on ESP.

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