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Pay for Placement

Pay for Placement

ESP Results Screen Advertising

Choose to target your advertising only to distributors searching on a particular category. ESP is pleased to offer Pay for Placement on eight of the top spots in any of the product search categories. Obtain higher placement in ESP, leading to more sales! Act now before your spot is taken.

With ESP advertising, suppliers have the opportunity to reach distributors at the moment they are sourcing products and making presentations for their clients.

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ESP Pay for Placement

Pay for Placement
  • Top seven positions available in any category
  • Efficient advertising: no bidding set CPM per position
  • Target distributors by country, state or zip code
  • Use ROI reporting to track effectiveness and maximize clicks in your product

Customer Testimonials

"BamBams reported a 50% increase in gross sales and in number of booked orders in the last 8 weeks of 2009 compared to the same time period in 2008. Data indicates that there is a strong correlation between this growth and our increased spending in online advertising - most specifically Pay Per Placement - with ESP."

-Dan T. asi/38228

"Thank you for the stats I'm pleased with the activity. The ESP advertising is an excellent fit because it's measureable and generates activity for our product line."

-Linda B. asi/70130

"I was doing a Centerstage presentation for a customer yesterday and I saw the Chemical Light ad on the side of the page. I had never used Chemical Light before or thought of suggesting them for a unique trade show item. The ad struck my interest and I looked at it and suggested it to my client. They LOVED the idea and will be placing a necklace order for 2500 pieces. Thought you might be interested in the power of the side ads on ESP. Thanks to ASI and all you do make us look GOOD."

-Andi W. asi/101592

"We are so excited to begin advertising our hats and specials in ESP. We've always felt that ESP is a great way to get product exposure and orders, and now we'll be able to build on that with targeted marketing campaigns!"

-Jennifer L. asi/75350


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