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Target Your Customers With an Email Blast

2013 ESP Email Marketing

Want to target a specific audience and make more product sales? Look no further than Email Marketing within ESP*. Using this tool, you can send email marketing to your desired audience and track the success of each campaign with detailed reports. Include company news, industry news, special offers or promotional ideas to increase your open rates!

Ready to get started? Purchase email sends below based on the number of recipients you want to reach with your email. One email sends is good for one email sent to a single recipient.

*Email Marketing is only for ESP Web® and CRM users.

Select the number of email sends you want to add to your account below. One email sends is good for one email sent to a single recipient. The amount of email sends you need will depend on how large of an audience you’d like to reach with your email blast.

Tier Email Sends Price
1 250 $10.00
2 500 $20.00
3 1000 $35.00
4 5000 $150.00
5 10000 $250.00

Email Marketing is a tool you can access conveniently within ESP. We built the tool to make your email marketing experience simple and stress-free. Send customized emails to targeted prospect lists and start increasing your sales.

Features & Benefits

  • Email Marketing is connected to your CRM and Orders in ESP so you don’t have to rekey important information or track down customer email addresses.
  • Choose from multiple design templates and customize each email to fit your business and your marketing goals.
  • Reach a specific audience through targeted lists in order to sell more and increase your brand awareness.

Discover how the Email Marketing tool makes it easy to grow new and existing business.

How It Works

Think of this as an email marketing tool similar to others out there – but this one is conveniently located in ESP® and allows you to link products right from your ESP Clipboard or Projects folder. Here’s how to build your campaign:

  • Create a New Campaign

    Start by naming your campaign and entering the necessary info like a subject line and reply-to email address.

  • Design Your Email

    Choose from countless email templates or upload your own artwork easily! You can even filter the template options by theme such as Events, Coupon and Text-Based, or drag and drop artwork files to use your own design! Our Email Marketing tool will then guide you through simple steps to customize your email specifically for your business goals. This is also your chance to add products directly from ESP!

  • Build Your List

    Select the list of recipients who you’d like to receive your email, using the email sends bought through the tool. You can also save each list for future campaigns.

  • Track Your Results

    Get detailed, user-friendly reports on each email campaign including delivery, open and click-thru rates, as well as the number of emails that bounced.