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Supplier Specials

Supplier Specials

Launch targeted email marketing to Distributors within an hour of viewing your products on ESP

  • Automated custom email campaign targeting Distributors searching ESP
  • Two email package options for reaching the right audience with your product message or special offer
  • Immediate contact to targeted audience helps to increase open rates
  • UNLIMITED custom emails with each subscription
  • Track results with ROI reports, which give you real-time data on delivery, clicks, forwards and buyer-friendly requests in an easy-to-read format
Customize & Buy

Know which Distributors are searching for products on ESP?

Now you can give distributors a second peek at your products with Supplier Specials. This exclusive Supplier Only program helps you promote your products with a special offer to the Distributor within an hour of their search.

Two Packages to Choose From!

Supplier Specials – The "All Products Package"

This broad range package provides you with a custom email with a general message or offer to be sent out to any distributor who clicks on any of your products in ESP within ONE HOUR of the search.

Supplier Specials – The "Target Ten Products" Package

Choose ten specific product categories to track and we will create ten different product-specific email messages – free of charge. Distributors clicking on one of your products in your chosen categories will receive a product-specific email within ONE HOUR of the search.

Distributors could be searching ESP right now!

Your sales representative will help you reach distributors with your special offer or message using your existing emails or we will create them for you. Take advantage of this second chance to make a first impression.

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