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PromoCafe Webchat

PromoCafe Webchat

Instant Messaging and Webchat are some of the most popular ways to communicate online. These communication media are less intrusive than a phone call and take less time than an email. Webchat offers distributors and suppliers a fast and easy way to keep in touch on a platform they already use everyday. ESP Online is pleased to offer three advertising spots within PromoCafé Webchat.

Customize & Buy



Shine a spotlight on your company while distributors instant message about the products they are looking for. Home Page, Buddy List and IM Position ad spots are included.

  • Webchat opens on the search screen every time ESP Online is used
  • Reach a receptive audience ready to buy your products
  • All ad spots may link to a website

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for the stats I'm pleased with the activity. The ESP advertising is an excellent fit because it's measureable and generates activity for our product line."

-Linda B. asi/70130

"I was doing a Centerstage presentation for a customer yesterday and I saw the Chemical Light ad on the side of the page. I had never used Chemical Light before or thought of suggesting them for a unique trade show item. The ad struck my interest and I looked at it and suggested it to my client. They LOVED the idea and will be placing a necklace order for 2500 pieces. Thought you might be interested in the power of the side ads on ESP. Thanks to ASI and all you do make us look GOOD."

-Andi W. asi/101592

"We are so excited to begin advertising our hats and specials in ESP. We've always felt that ESP is a great way to get product exposure and orders, and now we'll be able to build on that with targeted marketing campaigns!"

-Jennifer L. asi/75350
Advertising Location and Upload Creative

Advertise in the PromoCafe, where the most active distributors are discussing the latest trends, products and sales techniques within the industry.

Total: $0.00/mo.