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Local SEO

Local SEO

The newest addition to ASI’s search engine marketing suite, ASI’s Local SEO will make your business stand out in front of prospects ready to buy your products and services.

ASI® will launch a local search engine optimization campaign for your business on Google and local online directories. This will help you:

  • Maintain a constant presence in front of interested prospects
  • Develop credibility for your brand
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Appear with consistent information across the Internet
  • Show up more in organic and local search results for Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Price: As low as $99.00/mo. with a $99.00 set up fee

We Know You're Busy… We've Got This!

local SEO

ASI will do all of the work

1. Evaluate Your Rank
After we run a scan of your business, we’ll be able to evaluate how you’re ranking in search results and analyze inconsistencies affecting your rank.

2. Put Your Business on the Map
You’ll be added to map searches of local businesses. When a search is run, your location will appear on a map of the area, grabbing the prospect’s attention immediately.

3. Tell Everyone About You
We’ll ensure your company’s info appears in a consistent way to users around the Web by creating expanded listings and pushing them to the most popular local directories in our network, including:


4. Pump-Up Your Listing
To optimize your listings, we’ll make them into mini Web pages with other info such as social media links, staff bios, videos and product descriptions.

5. Keep Google in the Loop
Don’t worry — we’ll verify your listing with Google, and optimize your Google+ page and directory listings monthly for relevancy.

Choose one of our 3 ASI Products:

Local Boost
Brand Boost
$199.00/mo. +
Keyword Spend 2
Power Boost
$229.00/mo. +
Keyword Spend 3
Combine and save! 25% discount 20% discount 34% discount
Package includes:
Local SEO Included in this package Included in this package
Company Reviews Included in this package Included in this package Included in this package
Pay-Per-Click Included in this package Included in this package
1 One time $199.00 set-up fee 2 One time $159.00 set-up fee 3 One time $249.00 set-up fee