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Specialty Shoppes

Break into the industry’s hottest markets!
Choose from Education, Finance, Technology, Construction or Healthcare.

Customize & Buy

Specialty Shoppes are polished, professional-looking web stores that come pre-designed and already merchandised with promotional products that fit a theme, so they are ready to use immediately!

Each Shoppe is designed for those distributors who want to increase sales by tapping into the industry’s top buying markets:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Finance
  4. Construction & Manufacturing
  5. Technology

Features & Benefits

  • Each Shoppe comes with 4 carefully selected product collections and 4 eye-catching cover photos that link to each collection
  • All products are virtual-sample ready, each ready to showcase your logo, come from 4- and 5-star suppliers and can be ordered in low-minimum quantities
  • Every shoppe is individually prepared by ASI web-design experts—just send us a logo and you’re ready to sell!
  • Your shoppe includes e-Commerce features, which mean online payments can be instantly, securely transacted by your customers
  • Target industry wide businesses or focus on a specific company within the field—the choice is yours!
  • ASI’s Specialty Shoppes are ideal for anyone looking for a way to reach the most lucrative markets in the promotional products business
Please enter the following information:

Healthcare Store $49/month
Education Store $49/month
Finance Store $49/month
Construction Store $49/month
Technology Store $49/month
5-Pack of Stores $99/month

Total: $0.00/mo.